Inclusion and traditions: GSD1b-friendly holiday baking (plus a recipe!)

Dietary restrictions are a challenge for many 1b families. Patients are recommended to severely limit most forms of sugar in order to prevent glycogen from storing in vital organs– this means many sweet holiday treats are off limits to patients, and families may struggle with how to incorporate a GSD diet into holiday traditions they enjoyed prior to diagnosis. But inclusion is important for so many reasons and a little extra effort and creativity can go a long way in helping make the holidays special, regardless of medical diets. We asked one family how they manage to keep their traditions alive while also maintaining their son’s GSD1b diet, and included a link to their favorite recipe too:

Karissa, mom to Ben shares that, “baking was such a big part of the holiday season for me growing up. My mom worked the bakery of a restaurant so high quality goodies were out from Thanksgiving ’til New Years. When we got our diagnosis a year ago I mourned not being able to have these memories with out family. But then I realized that we still could. Our entire family eats GSD friendly (with the exception of some fruits for the girls). And I feel so lucky that keto is a thing today because there are so many recipes! I never feel like we miss out on memories in the kitchen. From making our own pizza crusts to holiday cookies. And if you make them from scratch they are cheaper and taste better than the keto store bought version. It has made our entire family healthier. I get a little sick thinking about how many carbs and sugars would be in the treats we make if we didn’t make it GSD friendly.”

Big thanks to Ben’s family for sharing their experience with inclusion during the holidays with us! Find Karissa’s favorite GSD1b friendly recipe for holiday cookies here.

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