Hypoglycemia– know the signs! Shareable content for GSD1b awareness (English y Español)

Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar, which is the most prominent symptom of #gsd. While there are often signs of #hypoglycemia, many #gsd1b patients are so accustomed to severely low blood sugar, they are often asymptomatic or suffer from #hypoglycemicunawareness. It is not uncommon for GSD patients to be fully functional and coherent with blood sugar levels that would cause seizures or unconsciousness in other healthy people. Often with better metabolic control and age, patients become more aware of their lows and show more symptoms, or atleast feel the low blood sugar themselves. It is very important for those who spend time around GSD1b patients to know the signs of lows. Please share this information with loved ones, teachers, babysitters and friends to help educate about the signs of hypoglycemia!
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