An SGLT2 Inhibitor, called empagliflozin (US brand name Jardiance), has shown promise as an alternative or supplement to G-CSF for treating neutropenia and neutrophil dysfunction in GSD1b. Data from an international questionnaire showed positive effects on all neutrophil dysfunction-related symptoms, including oral and urogenital mucosal lesions, recurrent infections, skin abscesses, inflammatory bowel disease, and anemia (Grunert, et all). Additional recommendations, developed by an expert panel of clinicians and researchers, are expected in late 2023.

For more information and links to published literature on its use in pediatric and adult patients, search “empagliflozin” in the GSD1b Published Literature link here: click here

Always discuss treatment options with your care team.

Treating Neutropenia in Glycogen Storage Disease Type 1b Using Empagliflozin. Click to Watch Video

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