Continuous Glucose Monitoring

With improved technology and broader access to continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) outside of diabetic populations, more patients are using CGMs to manage glycogen storage disease. The most common devices are currently the Dexcom (G6, G7) and Libre (2, 3) systems. Availability may depend on access, location and coverage by insurance or public health programs. While CGM use can offer valuable insight into blood sugar maintenance, it is helpful to keep in mind that these systems were not designed for use in GSD populations. Data from CGMs can be useful for recognizing blood sugar trends, but are not considered reliable enough to replace fingersticks entirely. Though useful as a management tool, care is warranted when relying on CGM data for low blood sugar events.

The use of CGMs in the management of glycogen storage disease has received more research in recent years. Published literature on its use can be found by searching with term “continuous glucose monitoring” in the GSD1b Published Literature Database here:

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